Subject “Yufazi” (2 credits): all the students in the first grade

 “Yufazi” is the motto of Sogo Shinji, the second graduate of our school, the forth governor of the Japan National Railways, and a “father of Shinkansen, or a bullet train.”  It means, “There is always a way.  Be wise and you will be successful.”  In other words, “Always be active and motivated in every field.”

 In the first and second term, students work on the cross curriculums of the four fields; “disaster prevention”, “economy”, “international exchange”, and “medical care” in regional issues.  Each field includes the procedure; lecture, research process design, and research skill evaluation.  In the third term, students work on preliminary research studies.  “Yufazi” helps students learn to formulate research plans and give effective presentations.



“Basic Science Seminar” (1 credit): all the students in the first grade

 Students are to establish basic knowledge about physics, chemistry, biology, geology and information technology.  Basic Science Seminar helps students cultivate general knowledge and inspires them to have an interest in science and technology.  It also helps students acquire skills to analyze scientific data and to give presentations.


“Multi-science 1”  (2 credits): all the students in the second grade

We integrate what our students have learned through “Yufazi” and “Basic Science Seminar”, what students in the international literature and science course have gained through research studies, and what those in science clubs have practiced.  Making the most of the outcome, the students work on research in cooperation with universities and local offices.


“Multi-science 2”