SSH (Super Science Highschool) Project of SAIJO High School

  ― To cultivate a scientific way of thinking through encouraging students to ask the question "Why?" ―


      234 Akeyashiki, Saijo, Ehime, 793-8509, JAPAN     phone: +81-897-56-2030

Super Science High Schools (SSH) are the ones the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology specify.  These schools focus on science and math education, working on research in cooperation with universities and other research institutes, and fostering global leaders in the field of science and technology.

Ehime Prefectural Saijo Senior High School was specified as one of the SSHs in FY2018.  We have been working on improving our curriculum and encouraging independent study for our students under the research theme, “Growing up to be versatile leaders through learning of the Nankai Trough Earthquake.”

English SSH Blog

Ehime Senior High School Cultural Festival

On November 16th, Saturday, a science presentation contest was held.  The contest is part of Ehime Senior High School General Cultural Festival, and was held in the Science Museum in Niihama.
6 groups took part in the preliminary poster presentation session, and 4 groups progressed to the finals.  Two chemistry groups and one earth science group won the Good Performance Award, and one earth science group won the Incentive Award.
Groups which won the Good Performance Awards are going to take part in the nationwide contest in 2020.